Olympic Questions  

Dear Robert1 (my NSA angel),

How are the Olympics going? I am one of these new fangled “cable cutters”2 that NBC apparently hates, so I have to get all my Olympic news second hand. Has anyone skiied over a dog yet? Did Putin win any medals yet - biathlon, figure skating, dressage, etc.? Is Bob Costas going to leave Sochi with some kind of super power, a la Cyclops?

I have to say that the Colbert Report has had my favorite3 coverage of the games so far, with the From Russia with Love - But No Gay Stuff segments. Also, how is the brightness and contrast on my TV? Can you see it OK?

Well, it’s getting late4. I am going to go drink a beer and - well, no need to tell you5.


  1. I know it was Frank last time. It changes. You think just one guy works at the NSA? 

  2. You knew that. 

  3. You knew that too. 

  4. Did you know that? 

  5. Because you know. 


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